CK Gospel Choir & Urban Soul Orchestra perform their version of "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker.

Filmed at RIBA in London, UK


Sabrina Adel

Adeola Shyllon
Cathy Murphy
Emma May
Harlano Weekes
Kat Deal
Malika Wilson-Muir
Mark Agyei
Sarah Blake
Scarlet Gabriel
TJay Weekes
Andriah Arrindell

Piano: Harlano Weekes

String Quartet provided by Urban Soul Orchestra –

Miles Brett
Henry Salmon
Helen Sanders-Hewett
Alexandra Marshall
James Douglas

String Arrangement by Stephen Hussey

Directed by Harlano Weekes and James Dingle
Cinematographer: Claire Cunningham
Edited by James Dingle for Wooden Post House
Hair and make-up by Michelle Court -
Behind the scenes photography: David Haylett

Special thanks to RIBA for letting us use their amazing building and facilities.

Executive Producer: Harlano

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