Official Music Video for "Soo HOT" from the album
Harlano 2: Love-Soul-Music

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This is a 4th Music video from the new album called “Harlano 2: Love-Soul-Music”

Directors: Harlano Weekes and Sam Walker
Producers: Harlano Weekes and Greg Costello
Director of Photography: Sam Walker
Editors: Sam Walker, Greg Costello and Jonathan Khlar
Hair and Make-up: Michelle Court


Lead Male: Harlano Weekes
Lead Female: Melissa “Hunny B” Veszi
Lead Male Dancer: Mark Agyei
Lead Male Dancer: Mo’Stef Yo
Lead Female Dancer: Rae Lim
Lead Female Dancer: Suzy Pegler
Club DJ: Alex “Blackmoth” Nilere

Club Dancers:

Selena Welling
Raef Commissar
Sarah Louise B Kristiansen
Jade Igilima
Orlando Rati
Wayne Barrett
Michelle Clark
John Class Peter
Sabrina Adel
Kwamena Brace
Gemma Edwards

Many thanks to Vinyl Pimp and SHAPES Hackney for giving us the use your spaces, and Laraine Beament for your Ghetto Blaster!:-)

Soo HOT written by Harlano Weekes
Produced by Harlano Weekes
Co-produced by Kat Deal
Drums: Amanda Brown
Bass: Lawrence Insula
Keys: Harlano Weekes
Guitar: Kim Murray
Guitar: Mo Nazam
Backing vocals: Sarah Blake, Kat Deal, Mark Agyei

Executive Producer: Harlano

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