CK Gospel Choir perform their version of the classic Christmas carol "O Come All Ye Faithful"

Filmed at Millwall Park, London.


Damýan Stephenson-Price
Cathy Murphy

Adeola Shyllon
Emma May
Malika Wilson-Muir
Sabrina Adel
Sarah Blake
Scarlet Gabriel
Taya Plant
TJay Weekes

Piano: Harlano

Directed by Harlano Weekes and James Dingle
Cinematographer: Matt Welch
Jib Operator: Tim Leitner
B camera: Joe Hewitt
C camera: Tatiana Lewis
Gaffer: Sam Braybrook
Camera assistant: Thea Symonds
Runner: Tony Palman

Edited by James Dingle for Wooden Post House

Hair and make-up by Michelle Court -

Audio mixed and edited at Orpheus Studio, London.

Executive Producer: Harlano

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