CK Gospel Choir perform their version of the classic Christmas song "Last Christmas" dedicated to Wham and the late great George Michael

Filmed at Rudolf Steiner House, London.


Emma May

Adeola Shyllon
Cathy Murphy
Damýan Stephenson-Price
Malika Wilson-Muir
Mark Agyei
Sabrina Adel
Scarlet Gabriel
Taya Plant

Choir Director: Harlano Weekes
Keyboards - Abe Hampton
Bass - Lawrence Insula
Drums: Hannah Ledwidge
Guitar: Kim Murray
Guitar: TJay Weekes
Percussion: Matt Hodge

Directed by James Dingle and Harlano Weekes
Cinematographer: Matt Welch
B camera: Joe Hewitt

Edited by James Dingle for Wooden Post House

Hair and make-up by Samantha Hosker -

Audio mixed and edited at Orpheus Studio, London.

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